My fiance and I are currently looking for purebred rottweiler breeders expecting a litter that will be ready to go to homes in February of . We are looking to purchase a male who will have the potential to be BIG. Overall, we would like the parents to be more stocky in build, with the characteristic rottweiler "block head". We do not require the puppy to be registered. We would also like our puppy to have his tail docked.
We are not looking purely for looks, temperament will always win over the physical qualities. We currently own a cat and so if your puppies could gain some exposure with cats during their first 8 weeks that is definitely a bonus!
We are interested in the Rottweiler as it is a medium energy dog and we are active people. We love to go for walks and hikes and the rottweiler will suit the type of physical activity we do on daily basis very well (a high energy like a collie is too much). I like the eager to please attitude and loyalty the rottweiler can bring to our family. I have been waiting very long to be able to put this add up and am very excited to bring this wonderful new life into our family! We know that the physical aspects listed dont come cheap and are willing to pay a considerable amount of money for that healthy "special" puppy out there (price range between 300 - 900).
Please contact me through e-mail if you are a breeder that may have a litter ready in February.
Sam & Mike
PS --> pictures posted are of my percieved "block head stocky build" type of rotties.