*FOUND - Lost cat ??

Do I belong to you?

Found - gorgeous, dark charcoal grey male cat, with green eyes. He is fluffy with medium length fur and has no collar. He looks to be a young cat, maybe two to four years old?

He is extremely friendly, and very affectionate ... doesn't mind being picked up or carried and will even sit and/or wrap himself around your shoulders. He enjoys being pet and talked to and seems to get along with other laid back cats. He is very sweet ... I think he may be a Russian Blue cat?

I first noticed this good looking guy a week ago (December 22nd) sitting out side my apartment building door ... I let him in the lobby while I was waiting for a ride so he could warm up. Then today as I was getting my mail from inside my apartment this handsome boy surprised me!! I went to let him back outside, but he didn't want to go ... so I decided to give him a place to hang out for a little while. I tried again tonight to let him back out, but he decided to come back indoors. Not sure if he is an indoor cat that got out by mistake or an occasional outdoor cat? I don't think he belongs to anyone in the building and I would love for him to find his owners.

I'm sure he is missed!

Please email me if this is your cat - found in the Northwood area.