Hi i am looking for a good home for our beautifull dog name Holly. Holly is a German shepard part lab. Holly is 6months old. Holly is very friendly and loves to play with children. H olly is partly trained but there are days you would have to remind her to go the washroom outside because she does make accendents sometimes.but another words she is a very good dog and loves attentions very much.

I dont know much about Holly, I adopted her 2 weeks ago beacuse her owners from before didnt make the time for her, I also believe that she was being Emotional, Physical abused. Holly gets really scared of men because of their deep loud voices, AND BEING YELLED AT ALL THE TIME. Holly was really scared when she came to us. she was barley feed and that she wasnt loved over there and this is why i took her in to find a better happier home to be in.

I personally cant take care of Holly Because my family and I live in a one bedroom apartment and we think its to small for her, We want her to have a home that has has a backyard, That have children or that would take the time for her to play and love her and give her what she needs and thats love and lots of attention.

you can write me an email if you want Holly to be apart of your family and will set up a time and date so you can meet her!!!